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Thermo regulator heats?

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I´ve set up a line of thermo regulators. 4 regs in a row. The first 3 reduce the heat of the gas by 14° each. 

For example, now the gas comes in with -105°C at the 4th regulator. I would expect the output would be -119°C. 

But it is -70,5°C 

So the last regulator ADDS ~50° to the gas, instead of removing heat.

Savegame attached. System is located at space biome right to the rocket-tubes, cooling down the hydrogen.

Temporal Spacecamp.sav

Steps to Reproduce
look at the save

User Feedback

The "desease" spreads... If i bypass the last regulator, the next last in the line causes the same problem, after a few hydrogen cycles.

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I have the same behavior in a sequential 4-regulator setup after a pipe of the bugged thermo regulator was broken. Before the broken pipe it worked fine. Reloading the save does not change the bug.

I'm not sure why the pipe broke. The sensor leading to the regulator was set to "above -238°C".

It is the 3rd regulator from the left. The other 3 regulators seem to work fine.


bugged cooler after broken pipe.sav


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Another point involved might be: The output-pipes receive cold damage even if the inputsensor is set to "above -236°C" for hydrogen. The safetymargin should be high enough to prevent condensing the H2.


No cold damage observed when set to -226°C ... maybe some kind of "double cooling" ?

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