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[Thermal Update] - Harvesting Mealwood Doesn't produce Meal Lice

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Commanding duplicants to harvest mealwood results in the animation of harvesting and everything, but in the end, no meal lice drops.  The food total doesn't increase after harvesting, the refridgerator doesn't show food.  The duplicants don't eat any meal lice neither.  In other words, the mealwood grows fine, but there is no actual harvest.  The video "OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-17_15-17-30-22.mp4" shows the small clip of a mealwood being harvested and producing no food.  This might be me not fully understanding the mechanics behind the situation, so let me know why this is happening if there's a non-bug solution.

Save file:

The Batcave Cycle 17.sav


Before Harvesting.png

Entire Colony Mapping:

General Colony Blueprint.png

Steps to Reproduce
Plant a Mealwood Seed and Harvest.

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