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[Thai Localization] Long text in UI Sidescreen

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

[Thai Localization]

So many long name that does not fit into image box in UI Sidescreen. Please see what I mean in #1 and #3.



It also push number under the box down and hard to guess how many seed/item are there. (#2)


I, personally hate this kind of UI (except build menu though) because it forces translators to pick shortest as possible to fit them into the box instead of more meaningful name. It is worse than what you see here when switching to Thai font.

It would be better if Klei gets rid of all name in UI which has limited area and showing them as tooltip like in #4. This is absolutely the right way to handle a variety of localization.


Only Build Menu should remain displaying name inside image box because it has a larger area and it really help people when seeing building name for the first time.

Steps to Reproduce
1.Copy "strings_template.po" in Mod Folder and save as strings.po 2.Add "Language: th" at the first line in strings.po file. 3. enter the game and build either farm tile or pedestal to see UI sidescreen.
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