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Texture has out of range width / height

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Hi Good afternoon,

I tried to load this game but the game does not load and shows me the error below:
 Texture has out of range width / height

  at LoadScreen.SetPreview (System.String filename, System.String basename, UnityEngine.UI.Image preview, System.Boolean fallbackToTimelapse) [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at LoadScreen.AddColonyToList (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] saves) [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at LoadScreen.RefreshColonyList () [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at LoadScreen.OnActivate () [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at KScreen.Activate () [0x00000] in <9fcf8572eff94dfca3c49dcb50e3af68>:0
  at LoadScreen.ShowMigrationIfNecessary (System.Boolean fromMainMenu) [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at MainMenu.OnSpawn () [0x00000] in <7f1153e67b884e1ab322193fd947c873>:0
  at KMonoBehaviour.Spawn () [0x00000] in <9fcf8572eff94dfca3c49dcb50e3af68>:0
  at KMonoBehaviour.Start () [0x00000] in <9fcf8572eff94dfca3c49dcb50e3af68>:0
Build: U37-484114-VD

I went through all the following steps but can not find a solution.
  1. The integrity of the files is fine
  2. uninstalling and installing did not fix it
  3. My computer has the necessary requirements to run the game
  4. I did not participate in any betas, I simply bought the game in steam
Also, the game I believe is being saved on steam cloud and therefore I can not find this: \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files
Would you be able to help me please? I can share the screen if needed.

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 15.51.27.png

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 16.46.59.png

Steps to Reproduce

I was trying to open the game

User Feedback

Check your ~/Library/Application Support/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/ directory for unusually large image files and delete them.

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