Texture Flickering on macOS much worse in Expression Branch again

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: OSX Pending

Hi, a while ago I filed a bug about textures flickering on macOS. In the Cosmic Update it was almost fixed and in the best state since the flickering occurred.

Now in the patch notes it says that the graphics issues for macOS users should be gone but actually its much worse now. All the shiny textures are flat in certain panning/light reflection positions and the flickering is back to a point where I consider it too annoying to be playable :(

Before it occurred later in the game when you would start using liquid vents and it would flicker when water was dropping. Now it flickers right from the start.

If you want I can make a video clip of the issue.

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game on macOS (10.13.5) with an AMD Graphics Card (R9 280x in my case) on the preview branch of the expression update. It starts very quickly and the flat textures are visible when panning around the map.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Here is a video and some pictures of the issue. I hope you can get it back to at least the state of the cosmic update where the issue was almost fixed. This is seriously annoying :/ Not only can I not see everything at first glance but the heavy flickering is killing it.





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