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Temperature of small amounts of element not affected by surrounding temperature

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The temperature of the environment doesn't seem to affect elements when only a small amount ( less than 1 g maybe? ) is present.  I discovered this when I noticed a lot of conveyor carts continuously cycling through my vat of cooling oil.  As you can see in the picture, there is 586 degree gold amalgam staying at temperature despite being submerged in a vast vat of 54 degree crude oil.  Every example I have found have been less than 1g.


Here is the same packet of gold amalgam a few seconds later.  As you can see it is still at the same temperature:


This, of course, also begs the question, why are my dups picking up mg and in some cases mcg quantities of metal?  But let's focus on getting the temperature effects working properly first....





Steps to Reproduce

Put a small amount ( < 1g ? ) of material in a different temperature environment and observe that its temperature does not change to match the environment as it should.

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