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Task progress bars drawn underneath building alerts, becoming rather useless

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When dupes perform tasks at buildings that have any red alert bubbles underneath them, the progress for the dupe task is obscured by the alert bubbles.

In the past i don't think this was the case?

As the red bubbles can still be seen with the progress bar on top, but not vice versa, this seems to be a mistake.

Does Ellie have any chance of cleaning this toilet in time? Nobody knows.


PS: I have no idea why the log file i just attached has 4MB of steam errors, but that's almost certainly irrelevant. I was just making sure it still happened without mods.

Steps to Reproduce

Easiest is to put a yellow alert on a construction or deconstruction task. It's quick and evident.

I'm running with the Spaced Out DLC active, but i assume it's not really relevant now the codebase has merged.

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