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Sweet wheat fertilization bug

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As you see the sweet wheat plant needs fertilization. And even if the sweep arm is in reach, i have dirt and the priority is bigger for the farm tile, the sweep arm will not give dirt to the plant. I wait from 200 s for the sweep arm to do his job.






Steps to Reproduce
Build a farm, plant sweet wheat and try to fertilize whit a sweep arm.

User Feedback

I just realize that the problem is the range of the sweep arm. As you see is 9 tile range, 7 x 3 tile + 2 x 2 tile. I don't see the reason why the 1 and 9 tile is 2 tile deep instead of 3...but i will rebuild my sweep arm to match for this range.

If the the lost of range of the sweep arm is intended please close the post.


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