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Sweepy - infinite unloading to dock

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Sweepy with status "Dust Bin Full" and 5,5mg of Barbecue in its storage.OnI_sweepy_bug.gif.77971e3b52283ab4b68e24ff1c5eb101.gif

Bugged sweepy behaviour (as presented on gif above):

  1. it goes to sweepy dock
  2. add status "uloading" for few seconds
  3. internal storage is not unloaded
  4. waits few seconds
  5. repeats from (1)..  ad infinitum.. or rather until barbecue spoil

If it runs out of power it will recharge than back to infinite non-unloading.

Sweepy dock and all near-by machines are fully powered all the time, not connected to automation wires.

This sweepy is not always bugged, sometimes it works fine and bring barbecue to dock and sometimes cannot unload.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Load attached save
  2. Unpause game imidiatelly after loading (before sweepy spawn)
  3. Wait for sweepy respawn after save loading
  4. Done - you can watch sweepy doing infinite not-unloading

Sometimes when load & wait for sweepy spawn before unpausing it works fine.

This is recurring bug, so if it works after loading, just wait few cycyles.


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