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Sweepy bug

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So, if you build a sweepy dock near autosweepers, as you try to deliver the metal to make the sweepy, the autosweepers will pull out that metal, put it back in, over and over resulting in a huge list of "avaiting delivery".  Somehow I think this bugs out the actual sweepy, as they won't pick up anything once built, though I'm not sure.
I'll try to fix this bug first, and see if sweepy gets his act together and starts picking stuff up again.  


Steps to Reproduce
create a sweepy dock near autosweepers, wait for a dupe to try and deliver the required refined metal to create a sweepy. I don't know if the dupe was carrying less than the required 25kg of refined metal at the time.

User Feedback

I just discovered that if you build a sweepy dock on "yellow alert" - it will never lose the "awaiting delivery" message.  I think this may affect the sweepy's ability to pick up things.

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