Suit Sustainability Training appeared

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Between 2021-11-18 2130 AEST and 2021-11-19 0530 AEST a new skill, "Suit Sustainability Training" appeared in the skill tree. The only reference I've been able to find to it was in an update from earlier November,



  • All versions
    • Added new "Suit Sustainability Training" skill, which slows exosuit durability damage. Note: this replaces “W.I.P. Skil” in Spaced Out!

I realise it says "All versions", but I've been playing all month and haven't seen this skill until yesterday. I have dupes that have already advanced past this Suit Wearing skill tier, and it's suddenly appeared as a new prerequisite. I have not purchased the Spaced Out DLC. I have never opted into suit degradation when configuring games. What caused it to appear now? Even my oldest save game available through cloud save history now has this new skill.

I only run two mods, neither seem related to the issue I'm experiencing:

Steps to Reproduce

I wondered if the game's configuration mattered. I created a new game and ensured I selected "Durability: Indestructible", the Suit Sustainability Training skill is still present. Why did this ?feature? suddenly appear overnight?

User Feedback

It was added yesterday with the live branch update. The post you have linked was for the public testing branch from earlier this month. That is why it "appeared" overnight for you if you weren't participating in the testing branch! Hope that makes sense :-)

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