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Suggestion: Modding Worldgen Traits: Worldgen Traits Options

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I'm thinking we need some more control over worldgen traits.
A. Grouping:
GeyserActivity: GeoActive, GeoDormant, Volcanoes; MaxCount: 2
MetalAbundancy: MetalsRich, MetalsPoor; MaxCount: 1
TemperatureFluctuation: LargeGlaciers, FrozenCore, MagmaVents; MaxCount: 2
Boulders: BouldersLarge, BouldersMedium, BouldersSmall, BouldersMixed; MaxCount: 2
AllRemaining: Whatever remaining worldgen traits that aren't part of a certain group and aren't disabled.

The max Count indicates how many WorldGen Traits slots can be occupied by that Group.
To simplefy a trait can only be part of a single group. If not part of a dedicated group, it gets lumped in with the All Remaining Group

B. Conflicting With:
GeoActive conflicts with GeoDormant, but not with Volcanoes
GeoDormant conflicts with both GeoActive and Volcanoes.

Groupings and conflicts are specified in WorldGenTraitsGrouping.yaml File
To keep it simple: Conflicts should limit themselves to the group the have been assigned to. Otherwise it will be come a complete jumble.

C. Disabling (for certain Worlds):
Like disabling Cold/Frozen Features on Volcano/Hot Worlds
Not liking LargeBoulders: Completely disable it for all worlds.

Enable/Disable for World setting, should also feature:
isBlackList: true/false (False indicates it is a Whitelist)
Blacklist: Can not appear on worlds in the list
Whitelist: Can only appear on world in the list
If you keep Whitelist empty: it would mean this trait is disabled for all possible worlds.

D. Determine weight to be chosen for a certain World
Like Cold/Frozen Featues on Volcano/Hot Worlds have Weight 1,
but MagmaVents, GeoActive and Volcanoes have a weight of 3 each. Making it much more likely to have one or more of these traits.

C and D could also be in each Trait.yaml file.
e.g. in volcanoes.yaml
    isBlackList: True
        - SandstoneFrozen
        - Oceania

    - Default: 1 #Can be 2 or more, to allow a feature to appear more dominantly overall.
    - Volcanoes: 5
    - ForestHot: 3
Thanks for your consideration

Steps to Reproduce
Non, it is a suggestion for more modding functionality

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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