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Sudden Black Screen that persists through reload

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While playing the game, my game froze and the audio looped for 30 seconds and then suddenly the world went entirely black save for the buttons on the UI (see screenshot). Quitting and reloading the world doesn't make a difference either. Unfortunately, I don't have the output log for the moment my world broke because quitting and reloading seems to have overrwritten the one in Appdata/LocalLow/Klei/Oxygen Not Included. However, I attached my save ("The Lawnmower.sav") in case it is of any help. I also attached the output from dxdiag. Luckily, I can reload from an autosave from before the bug and my world is fine, so I only lost an ingame day of progress. Let me know if there's any other information I can provide. 


The Lawnmower.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Unknown. I think I was clicking some terrain with a geyser under it when this happened, but I've done it plenty of times before with no problem.

User Feedback

Hi @Rojo424,

It looks like what happened is your camera got panned far off to the edge of the map where there is nothing to see. There have been some bugs lately with the game panning the camera unexpectedly, so this might have been what happened.

You can either pan the camera around to find your base, or as a shortcut click on the "Insufficient Oxygen generation" notification in the top left corner, which should warp you to your Oxygen Diffuser.

You can also always jump to a specific dupe, but opening the Vitals panel at the top of the screen, and double-clicking on a dupe in the list. This should pan the camera to focus on that dupe.

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