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Sub-priority overriding priority

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  Sub-priority seems to be overriding priority, despite the in-game text and every webpage and forum post I can google on the subject saying job priority always tops sub-priority.  I've seen this several times lately since I started some new bases to try out the Expressive release.  Here's a super clear example of it in my attached screenshots.

  I accidentally set a storage chest to 9 when re-prioritizing some wire builds.  Suddenly, everyone is doing nothing but storing materials, regardless of priorities; observe the valid build order at the top of my base, and the architect who has top-level priority to building.  Turned the chest back to 5, and everything started working as expected again.


  This would actually be kind of a nice feature if it were working as intended and documented; I saw one forum poster suggest priorities 7-9 override job priority and sub-7 ones don't, which seems clever.



Steps to Reproduce
I've observed this under many circumstances, but try the example form the post: Set a storage chest to sub-priority 9 when nothing else is a high sub-priority, and watch everyone do that instead of what their job priorities would dictate.

User Feedback

Here's a thought- maybe the wrench is broken and acts as "default priority" - try having dig and build(and possibly other priorities) as //\\ instead of wrench and the storage priority as \\// and see what happens.

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  I was about to post another one about the wrench- I assume it's supposed to be higher than "very high" priority given the way it behaves in the UI, but I've repeatedly watched dupes prioritize other Very High work over wrench-level priority.


  On the other hand, the ones I watched did then transition into wrench-level work after they'd finished all of their "very high" tasks, so I think it must be higher than default priority.  I should have checked, but he probably had other high or better things he could be doing instead.  My theory was that wrench was just being treated as "very high" rather than higher than it.

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