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[String] the word "Duplicant" is used in game lore (not My Log).

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

msgid "Duplicant Memory Solution"
msgstr ""

msgid "<indent=5%>Director,\n\nI had a thought about how to solve your Duplicant memory problem.\n\nRather than attempt to access the subject's old memories, what if we were to embed all necessary information for colony survival into the printing process itself?\n\nThe amount of data engineering can store has grown exponentially over the last year. We should take advantage of the technological development.</indent>"
msgstr ""

The above e-mails in Lore section used the word "Duplicant" instead of "Test Subject".
Should this be the first time they were called "Duplicant"?
I'm not sure whether this is intended or not.

Steps to Reproduce

1.Click: U to open Database 2. Goto E-mail Section 3. Click on "Duplicant Memory Solution"

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