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Strange Food Delivery Failure after cycle 4500

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After running the game at the fastest speed (not debug super fast) for about 2-7 hours dupes stop delivery food to priority 9 fridge. In the attached base there is a "prison" in the top right with a single priority 9 fridge. When loading the game after a restart things work fine for a while but after 2-7 hours dupe will continue to delivery invisible zero mass food to the fridge. This is not state dependent because a reload seems to fix it.

The delivery animation while in the broken state shows the dupes delivery nothing (ie no food on their back). Fridge opens and closes but no food is actually added. It is as if the food exists as an object but has no mass. Maybe it rotted but wasn't cleared?

Unfortunately it is hard to reproduce since it requires long idle run times before it stops working.

The game will also silently crash after long run times but that is a different bug.

Save file growth over time is also concerning. What extra state information is being saved?

r162 Cycle 4719.sav

Steps to Reproduce
- load save - run game idle for 2-7 hours - keep and eye on the fridge in the prison room top right of main base.

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