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Strange behaviour of Tepidizer after loading

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Hey folks,

I discovered some strange behaviour of the liquid tepidizer. I was working on some compact sustainable designs for steam turbines. I found a satisfying solution that was able to power two turbines with three automated doors and a tepidizer. However, when I reloaded the savegames it did not work anymore. Naturally I was assuming I didn't reach steady state in my previous trys and was looking for improvements. This went on for some hours after I realized this:

The tepidizers seem to have different thermal properties after I load my savegame (e.g. they produce less heat) If I destroy them and rebuilt them. Everything works fine again.

I am aware of at least two exploits for the tepidizers in this setup: using tepiziders above 85°C and using them in athmosphere and not water.

Is this behaviour known when these exploits are used with tepedizers?

Of note: submerging the tepidizer in a slightly different design in petrol is vulnerable as well - therefore I conclude it is not the "not submerged" part of the exploits.


Steps to Reproduce
This can be reproduced with my savegame and debug mode. Without rebuilding, the temperature drops until the turbines don't work anymore. Batterys are included as "starters". In case you run out of energy you have to inject some new hot steam - The design without this strange behaviour is sustainable, however. to rescue the design - destroy the tepidizer in the double steam turbine setup and rebult it (preferably steel).
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User Feedback

I conducted some more testing and figured out, that my tepidizer after loading ist only capable of heating until 125°C.

Edit: after waiting for some time - the temperature keeps rising again but very very slow. According to my caluclations the generated heat is ~62kj/s which fits perfectly to the tepidizers heat generation (64kJ/sec) without the "heating the liquid" part. (due to the automatation shenanigans it has an uptime of ~95%). So I think the bug I'm facing is, that after loading the heatproduction that should effect the liquid is disabled and only the "machine heat" is applied.


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Lattest observation regarding this topic.

Steel, Niobium and Thermium have the same properties and won't work after loading.

Interestingly, when you rebuilt the tepidizer with material that has no increase in overheat temperature (copper, iron, wolframite) It won't work above 125°C as well - but taking overheat damage. Steel, Thermium and Niobium work as descriped above. The bug might be based on the calculation of the device's overheat temperature after reloading the game and thus can be only forced with the automation exploit. Normal Tepidizer heats only till 85°C and has a standard overheat temperature of 125°C and should therefore never trigger this behaviour.

I found the behaviour that the tepidizer does not work (production of "excess heat") above it's overheat temperature strange. So this might be 2nd independant bug. Other devices like the polymer press or thermoregulator will still work and produce heat above their temperature limit.

Last but not least I confirmed this behaviour with 200°C hot petrol and gold amalgam, 375°C hot petrol and steel, 1200°C molten glass and thermium. So it is very consistend.

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I've been finding the same facts.  This affects the infinite energy save file provided in the following bug report.

If you delete the tepidizer, and rebuild, then the turbine works great. But a save/reload ruins it all.

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