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storage units settings reset on game load?

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This has got to already be known, but settings of my storage bins resets to some strange mixed settings on game reload; this is on bins where I checked ALL and then unchecked critter eggs as the only settings I used. Other settings appear to stay.

Steps to Reproduce
on bins where I checked ALL and then unchecked critter eggs as the only settings I used. bins with other settings appear to stay on game reload
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I just read a thread that suggested keeping only 1(or few) items per bin for performance reasons(5 heat transfers are worse than 1 heat transfer). I decided to try it myself and recently re-assigned all my bins to have 1-2-3 items. Reading this post scared me a little, since I didn't load the game since then, but after loading, all containers seem to have saved/loaded their settings properly, so the issue must be pretty specific.

Note that I didn't use the check all option - my containers were already limited to store everything except eggs, slime, refined metal and seeds... What I did was to further forbid the majority of items, so that only granite + some rocks or clay are stored in each container. I have 50+ bins and did the settings on each separately(ughhhhhh the stupid scrolling and clicking !!! So annoying!). However, everything is saved and loaded properly for me.

I'm just trying to say that it normally doesn't happen. It might be an issue with choosing "store all" option ... or maybe changing settings and quitting too fast, so the game doesn't have time to save the changes?

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