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Storage buildings sometimes block all keyboard input

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After clicking on a storage building, I have had my keyboard become completely unresponsive in game.  Mouse input seems unaffected, but the only way to regain keyboard input while looking at storage is to exit and restart the game hit escape until the menu screen appears and then escape again to return to the game.

While fairly rare (it's happened twice in umpteen hours of play this weekend), this seems to be a new variant of the map traversal bug (far more common occurrence) found in the live branch, where all map movement key input (wasd) is absent until you hit escape several times to enter the menu screen.  Hitting escape to resume play clears the input block and normal map movement ensues.

Hope this helps to clear up a persistently annoying bug before it mutates yet again.

Steps to Reproduce

I spammed the escape key, so I am guessing to the effect of each key press

  • Play the game until all normal keyboard input is ignored after selecting a storage building to view; i.e compactors, fridge and ration box.
  • Press escape once and nothing happens
  • Press escape a second time and the info box disappears
  • Press escape a third time and the menu screen appears
  • Press escape a fourth time and the game resumes, properly responding to keyboard inputs

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