Steam vent emitting hydrogen?

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I built a chamber around this steam vent. The chamber pressure was pretty much equalized with the rest of the base during construction.

It has been shut since (only a few cycles), and hydrogen pressure spiked. 



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World seed is 1268236139. build whats in the image, i guess?

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I am seeing the same thing - curious.


I also saw my oxygen levels increasing near a different cool steam vent. I just sat there and watched the mass increase with no explanation while the vent was idle.

Save file is attached:

Space Spacestation.sav

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On 5/25/2018 at 4:06 PM, yoakenashi said:

oxygen levels increasing

So oxygen levels increase if surrounded by oxygen, hydrogen increase if hydrogen is present. Another observation, I created a vacuum around the cool steam vent and it is still surrounded by vacuum (ie, no hydrogen as last active period).

So, my guess is there is some bug with the gas compression algorithms causing gas to be reproduced rather than conserved.

I also have a feeling this is related to a bug I saw with excessive CO2 being generated near steam production of a liquid aquatuner:

Will need to keep an eye on this.

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Filled my steam geyser area with natural gas, now I have a steam/natural gas geyser (ie, it produces both). I only started with 200g per tile in the lower portion of the area, now I have over 3k in the entire area - indicating that natural gas is being duplicated.


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