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Steam cloud error for saves with brackets in the name.

Riff Zifnab
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Awhile ago I noticed Steam was complaining about errors with Cloud Syng  for ONI. After ignoring it for log enough I dug into it and found Steam's logs (in Steam folder > logs > cloud_log.txt):

[2022-08-27 22:06:25] [AppID 457140] Need to upload file Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/cloud_save_files/76561234261458939/Hopeful Paradise/screenshot/Hopeful Paradise [[[Testing]]].png
[2022-08-27 22:06:25] [AppID 457140] Upload batch initiated, ID: 6949572341562249626, ChangeNumber: 10960699234234795820, App Build ID: 9239316
[2022-08-27 22:06:37] [AppID 457140] Upload Invalid Parameter for file Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/cloud_save_files/76561123461458939/Hopeful Paradise/screenshot/Hopeful Paradise [[[Testing]]].png
[2022-08-27 22:06:37] [AppID 457140] Upload complete, result Invalid Parameter

I confirmed with another player that they were seeing sync issues and they also had a save file with brackets in it. I would delete it and see if that fixes things, but it's my testing world. >.<

Steps to Reproduce

Create save file with brackets (open and closed) in name of the save. Exit game. Attempt to sync to Steam's cloud, receive error. Cloud sync status is "Unable to sync".


Example names failing:
Hopeful Paradise [[[Testing]]]

colony [cycle##]

User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

Cloud syncing is done by the Steam client and not the game. Please let Valve know about the issue. Just to be sure I checked our cloud save settings and Valve's documentation and I don't see anything about using square brackets as parameters.

You can also try renaming those files without the brackets.

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