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Starving duplicants don't try to prioritize food for themselves

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Starving duplicants will often continue work that might not even be related to their specialty while at 100 kcal, then, if food is made and some other hungry, but not starving duplicant is nearer, they will it the food instead, leading to a complete disbalance in fullness. Also, if they somehow manage to get food at a very low fullness, they will still run to their Mess Table and die on their way there. I think they should prioritize to stay alive and ignore luxuries like the Mess Table.

Steps to Reproduce
Get a few starving duplicants, have only one chef responsible for food (low calorie so that they can't fill up fast enough), and the chef will eat until 4000 kcal while others starve.

User Feedback

I agree. It's probably not a bug, but micro-managing food by asking not hungry enough duplicants to stay away from food until starving ones are actually "hungry" is a pain.

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If food is made, and a Dupe nearby is hungry, then a sweep task is set for them and they'll eat the food. 

In layman's terms, another Dupe claimed it before they could.

My suggestion is to have any starving Dupes become temporarily idle, or simply turn off food permissions for all non-starving Dupes.

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Thanks for the response. I also don't think it fully qualifies as a bug, but it's obvious you'd want the starving dupes to eat first, we at least have to have an Eat command so that they'd drop their errands and also ignore their Mess Table if needed.

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