Starting Crash after the first use.

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First I'm french so I apologize for the mistakes. When I launch the game, after a complete reset of my laptop, it works. Then, when I launch it a second time, a third time, etc.., it's crashing at the very beginning. There is a black screen with music and the tiny window with the Crash Error. It's repeating like that again and again after the first launch.

I didn't see any problem like mine, so I'm sorry if there is one. 

There are the crash files.





Steps to Reproduce
Reset the computer. Launch a first time. Close the game. Then launch again, it's crashing.

User Feedback

17 hours ago, Kabrute said:

This looks like windows is crashing your nvidia driver

Awh, okay, thanks. Do you know how can I fix this ?

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There are a couple things you can try,  first update your Direct X and your nvidia driver if you can.  Disable your steam ingame overlay as this seems to be part of the crash.    Adjust your scaling to No Scaling(last resort.) 4 different spots it points back at steam, but then blames nvidia.... o.o

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