Starmap's display in 3440*1440

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

The starmap have a graphic bug in 3440*1440 resolution. Planets are dispalyed 2 times.


Changing the resolution in 1920*1080 correct the display.



The bug is only graphic; and dont change or block anything.

Steps to Reproduce
Use a UWHD resolution with a UWHD screen.

User Feedback

.... ....

Also see attached the same bug for me. You will note that the Oily Asteroid is repeated.

Also attached a 1080 version for reference. 

ultrawide screen - starmap bug.JPG

ultrawide screen - starmap bug 1080.JPG

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Just wanted to check if this is a genuine bug in the game or whether I need to change any specific settings?

If it is a bug I would love to help if you need any further information etc.

Love your work, I'm sure the release will be great!!!

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