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Sponge Sprite Bugged when Duplicant puts it away

Meggal Bozale
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When a duplicant is quickly mopping any liquid, the sponge sprite will quickly look like the attached image for (roughly) the frame(s) before the sponge is put away.


Steps to Reproduce

1- Force a Duplicant to mop up an extremely small spill of 100g-1kg, if that doesn't work try other amounts. Any fluid should do, but try water to be safe.

2- Observe as the sponge sprite bugs out.

3- Drink water (Stay hydrated Klei devs!)

Note: I have no clue how the code works but it doesn't look like that major an issue. Maybe it's my video card (old, crappy), maybe it's the game. 30/70 to me.

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User Feedback

Been this way for eons for me. I just ignore it. Maybe in my head they are magic multi-dimensional sponges or something, hence they look like that sometimes.

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