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Spawned a black blob tile - Turned into a refined copper tile

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Posted about it in the general discussions forum already. I've posted the link to the original thread.

A metal tile  (refined copper) was being damaged by over pressure from water. Instead of repairing I built some mesh tiles over it (iron ore) and a black blob spawned after the tile was deconstructed. the black blob showed up as 'copper' when I clicked on it. I then saved and reloaded the game and the black blob changed into an actual copper tile.

I've uploaded 3 save files:

Copper bug - after it happened. is the game with the bugged copper tile in it.
Copper bug - before it happened. is the most recent autosave before the copper tile appeared. The water is still over pressure damaging the tiles and I haven't deconstructed them yet.

Copper tile bug 1. is the same as copper bug - before it happened. But I deconstructed the metal tile that went buggy in the screenshots and 'copper bug - after it happened' save file. However when I did it this time, it was deconstructed normally and nothing happened.
However the difference is I used the 'deconstruct tool' only.
In the bugged save I built over the metal (copper) tiles with mesh (iron ore) tiles and the dark blob appeared after deconstruction.


Copper bug - after it happened.sav

copper bug - before it happened.sav

Copper tile bug 1.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I just noticed all the tiles being damaged from overpressure. I was sending in ice on a conveyor belt into these small rooms to be melted. The water pressure went over 1000kg - 2000kg. I deconstructed all of the conveyor recepticles. Then decided to replace all the metal tiles with mesh tiles. Then the black blog tile appeared in the place of one of the damaged metal tiles that was deconstructed.

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