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space scanners doest not use power all the time

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I just see this weird behavior : the space scanners consume power only when they detect an incoming object. Although it's using 0W of energy. O_o


If it's an intended feature, it's really weird !


0W for these 4 scanners (and it's not due to the bunker walls above, because they use power when meteors are on approach)


Only 120W for these 3, but I doubt it is used by the scanners


Because these 3 others use no power ...



All these screens were taken during a calm period.


PS : you should also do something so that my 4 scanners on the first screen do not detect meteors. Because I set the others just to test the quality of the "network-wich-is-not-a-network", and these 4 are enough to close the bunker doors above my solar panels. ;)


Steps to Reproduce
Place scanners, and observe the power deliver in the circuit (with or without automation wire connected)

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