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Space Machinery Bugs

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Listing 3 bugs I have found while being in space:

1) Space Scanner seems to display Scan quality at 0 percent, but I have checked it and it works as intended, predicting meteors minutes prior to their arriving (as you would expect from normal work, removing telescope and miner doesn't change thing)


2) Telescope gets stuck on planet analysis - when you load the file or construct a new telescope, it lets you research a planet. But I couldn't conduct a new research unless I reloaded the game or built new telescope


3) Tiles just underneath the bunker doors seem to get affected by the explosion radius (it might be intended, I am not sure)



Save file - Hapless Facility.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1) Just build a scanner 2) Build telescope. Analyze planet, then try analyzing another planet 3) Just wait for the meteor shower

User Feedback

The Telescope bug is happening to me too. I just deconstruct it then reconstruct it and it works for a new planet

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