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Solved: No Issue Found, Dupes pick up food at 1kg

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When a duplicant picks up food, it changes its size to 1kg no matter what it is.  For example if duplicant picks up meal lice it changes its size from 600kg to 1000kg.  On the flip side, if the duplicant picks up an omelet, the size changes from 2800kg to 1000kg.  This hurts even more when the duplicant picks up barbeque at 4000g then changes its size to 1000kg.

I do not play with mods.  I changed the Game Settings to the most difficult.  Survival Settings below:

Hunger- Ravenous; Durability - Threadbare; Disease - Outbreak Prone; Moral - Draconian; Stress - Frankly Depressing

No care package, No teleporters, Stress Reactions On

I could send screenshots, but the detail above should be enough.  Also attaching the log file and save game.  The save I am attaching was created 2 days ago.

Update: I checked this against 2 other save games created with vanilla settings on Survival.  They both have the same issue.  One save was created 2 weeks ago.  The other save I checked against was very old and also had the issue.

Hair On Fire Cycle 86.png

Hair On Fire Cycle 86.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Farm meal lice.  Observe duplicant picking up 600kg of meal lice to 1000kg.

Cook any meal on electric grill.  Observe duplicant picking up cooked meal at 1000kg. (ouch if this is barbeque!)

User Feedback

Are you talking about kg or kcal? Food has both. Every food is 1 kg (a mealice dropped from mealwood, a barbeque cooked) but have different kcal (1kg mealice= 600kcal, 1kg barbeque= 4000kcal). A dupe eats 1000kcal per day (1500kcal if they have the bottomless stomach debuff). Max difficulty means duplicants consume 2000kcal per cycle. 
Burt here took 1000 g (=1kg) of mealice (meaning 600kcal) so if he consumes 2000kcal per cycle he will need to make 3 trips to the mealice farm in order to match his cycle consumption


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Thank you for the clarification Sakura.  After reviewing the kcal intake for the 1000g the dupelicant is receiving the proper amount of calories.  The total # size of the food is correct.  Going to try and close this post.

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