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[solved] No display anymore for option

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I tryied to modify the option in the game.
I got a mouse with many button (G600 Logitech), when I had set a new one to I don't remember which one, the windows of option get closed.
Now, when I click in the Option button, the first window appear, but when I click to one other (Audio, Graphic, Control, or anything else) this window desappear and nothing more happen.

It's the same in the game, when I push ESC for see the window of "Option, Save, Save as, Load ..." Nothing happen, I can click on them but the window desappear and nothing happen.

I tryied to uninstall the game, and install it again, reboot the computer. Nothing changed. Still can't get interaction with these window.



Steps to Reproduce
Assign a new blank button to Mouse left I guess...

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