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Solid tile completely disappearing when state change goes inside

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I've spotted this bug while working on a setup.

Here's hot diamond tile, sour gas, etc...



Here's cold methane



Here's the loop, as simple as possible



First shot, methane was at -217°C. Slowly but surely, it will decrease. Some packets will melt into the 4 lower diamond tiles, or into the metal tile, but those which are going to melt into the top-right diamond tile, will destroyed the tile, replacing it with complet vaccum.

Bug reproduced successfully, into my original setup, and here. Save joined.


Few seconds before the drama.


And right after



Pfiou vanished.

I guess the liquid NG that just appears top left is the melted methane, as I've stopped right after this bug. But could be another packet.

The main point IS the diamond tile completely disappeared !


Thanks in advance for you to solve this annoying one.

Have a nice day

Diamond tile disapearring.sav

Steps to Reproduce

reproduce steps described above. Or just load my save. I've seen it disappearing on the acual load there's into the conveyor rail. You could be lucky, it could be this one you'll see, otherwise you may have to wait one or two more methane load.

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