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Solid doors are destroyed when cycling them with sand on top

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I've created a 100% reliable method to destroy doors using nothing but sand:


The switch is directly linked to the doors, and should start off (game is paused right now).

Upon opening the doors, sand falls in and occupies the door spots.

When closing the doors, at the start of the animation, the blocks inside the door are removed (set to vacuum). This allows any additional sand to fall into the door during the closing animation despite the fact that sand had originally fallen there to begin with.

When the doors fully close, the doors with 3 sand on top are instantly converted into 200kg copper ore (in tile form) on the top half and vacuum on the bottom half, with 100% consistency. The 6 left-most doors are in a "normal" state, and the 3 right-most doors have sand in them.

There's additional weirdness when you remove the block under the door (ideally via another door for automation purposes):


There's a save file attached with this setup, just toggle the switch to see it in action.

When I enable this automation circuit with a switch off to the left, the top doors open for 10 seconds, then close, and then 10 seconds after that the bottom doors open. What happens is that the first 3 doors turn into copper ore when they close (just like the first design), and all other doors turn into molten copper (and then promptly ingots) when the foundation doors are removed.

Pneumatic doors are immune to all of this, as they are not solid. All other doors (manual airlock, mechanised airlock, bunker door) are affected by this.

The staggered sand and duplicates of each amount are purely for demonstration purposes and are not required to cause the issue.

Test World.sav

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