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Small power transformer transforming 5kW. Database entry.

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I used a large power transformer to deliver power to a remote location in my base, there i used 2 small transformers to charge batteries. the small transformers could draw 5kW of power from my grid. after some testing, its my conclusion that chaining small transformer after a different transformer can cause the smal transformer to transform too much power.


using this setup:


i was able to have the small transformer at the bottom have a fluctuating power delivery around 2kW that entirely depended on the 2 small power transformer on top.

when using automation and shutting the top 2 transformers off, the small in the bottom only drew 1kW of power, never more.

also the Database for small power transformer links to the page for the regular power transformer.


the database entry for power transformer do not state how much power they can transform, only how much energy they can contain similar to battery.


a better indication on the transformer would be power transformed rather then capacity. although, i think both would be necessary for most accurate description.


Rustic Abode.sav

Abode power bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
connect a large Power transformers outlet to a small transformer inlet. the small transformer will be able to draw 5kW instead of 1kW of power.

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