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(Small) Duplicant levelling display bug

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I've had duplicants spawn in who were -5 at athletics for instance, and when they levelled up the notification in the top left said something like "Howard - Athletics is now at 1" while it actually increased to -4. It's nothing that bothers me or that is really important at all, but I thought I would let you know anyway. The last time that I noticed it happening was a few days ago so I do not know for sure if it's been fixed already (I couldn't find it in the changelogs anyway).

Steps to Reproduce
Somehow spawn a minion with minus something in whatever stat and level that stat up. That's what I (unintentionally) did.

User Feedback

The -5 athletics is a debuff.
Howard started off with 0 athletics. That's his athletics stat.
He gained a stat to get to athletics 1. As the message stated.
The anemic debuff is a debuff, so it's applied to your base stats.
This means when Howard is at 1 athletics, it will show -4 in his stats,
but he is actually at 1 athletics base stat.
It's not a bug.
You would see the same thing happen with any stat buff/debuff, like the early bird stuff for example.

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