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slickster in good location stopped moving

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I have a screeny of the slickster (both in the same area were affected) with zero navigation after dupes levelled this place and one dupe got heat stroke doing it, not sure if its relevant.

On reload the slickster movement came back. As you can see they are within the temperature range for slicksters and have yummy carbon dioxide on hand.


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dont know

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I read about it long time ago.
Also, the same thing happens with hatches. They just stop moving, eating, pooping, doing anything. (Although text says it's eating). After reload they moving again.


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This is a new game started after the update and I have now built a deep gallery for converting CO2 into oil. I have several slicksters collected and built them mesh platforms but after a few minutes they just sit there in a thin layer of oil overlaying rock and dont do anything.

Definitely bugged. My guess is the oil layer excludes CO2 so they are starved and they are not looking for it correctly, especially above mesh tiles. They start off OK but then they peter out.


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