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Shove voles ignore full feeder in favor of starving

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Shove voles stop eating from the critter feeder periodically and start starving. Reloading or unselecting/reselecting regolith will allow the critters to "recognize" the feeder and start eating from it again.

The Incredible Space Hut.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Build stable with critter feeder storing regolith from an autosweeper. Wait. Shove voles stop eating from feeder and start starving. Note: a reload causes the shove voles to start eating again, so it may not be that helpful. I am including it anyways.

User Feedback

I have the same bug, and it happens after the robo-miner removes regolith blocking the feeder.

It happens even if the robo-miner isn't in the same room.

With a lot of shove voles in the room, it happens often. Several times a cycle with 15 shove voles like in my case.


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