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Shove vole egg instant cracked

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I loose 5 shove vole eggs until now. How the bug is generated. Move whit a sweep arm the shove vole eggs from conveyor receiver to the conveyor loader. In the save game i stored 5 shove vole eggs all viable. When you deselect the creature eggs from the loader and the eggs dropped, some of them transforms instant to egg shells or egg raw. Never both. I loaded this save game 3 time already. Once one egg is losed, second ( this print screen 2 losed), 3 time same 2 egg losed. I attached my savegame for testing and recreate the bug.


Post edit:

You can avoid this by not leting the egg into the receiver. The bug is when evacuate the eggs by deselect that type of egg from the receiver. 

Anything can kill you.sav

Steps to Reproduce
As described above.

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