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Shine bugs die off

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Playing the game for more than 20-30 cycles straight, results in bugs I guess... After grooming hatches and shine bugs for a couple of cycles I disabled the station because too many critters  were popping up. Everything was ok but after a point (don't know exactly when) reproduction rates bugged and shine bugs stopped laying eggs. The hard saves in cycles 355 and 377 was ok but until cycle 432 every shine bug disappeared. Reproduction rate shows numbers like when a critter is groomed, but these critters are not for many many cycles. Hatches seem ok but they have a life span of 100 compared to shine bugs who have 25.
In the autosaves of cycles 426 to 432 you can see the bugged reproduction rates. After loading one of the autosaves, unpausing the game returns rates to normal.






Spacejunk 355.sav

Spacejunk 377 Cycle 426.sav

Spacejunk 377 Cycle 428.sav

Spacejunk 377 Cycle 430.sav

Spacejunk 377 Cycle 431.sav

Spacejunk 377 Cycle 432.sav

Spacejunk 377.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Playing for more than 50 cycles doing stuff around the base and only checking momentarily if everything is ok in base (but not necessarily reproduces the error)

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