Several issues (including a material delete bug), Vanilla - Breath of fresh air update

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Vanilla, Breath of fresh air update, map was started during the merge update.

Several issues:

1: When built behind Bunker doors, had issues of steel being deleted even after being delivered for wires (power/automation) randomly when the build for the respective/both wires is completed causing the game to delete the steel, not complete the build, and remove any errands to complete the build.

Reloading the game reloads the errand for build but can randomly delete the steel again after they attempt to deliver/build again requiring either the cancellation of the build and rebuilding the wire again or reloading the game again to issue/deliver the build again)

2:Unable to complete the "Pulling back the veil" (reveal 80% of the map).

3:(the following isn't affected by the games keybind (default) "b" and loads immediate with the keybind):

The "copy" button (shortcut button copy button on the bottom of screen) when clicked with the "mouse" either lags the game severely and takes a while to load, or doesn't complete the loading of the template meaning it needs to be clicked again, or doesn't remove its template even after pressing esc or right mouse key to back out of current selections (this ghost template doesn't actually let you go into said copy's template too requiring to select something again"

4: When you use up all material for a specific build and reaches a point of lacking enough to build something, instead of greying everything out and saying how much is available for each build material, the game instead reverts back to the "missing materials" as if you have never found any materials for that building in the first place.

5:Setting a red priority will cause massive lag for the duration of the red priority (more noticeable with storage bins)

6:In the resource panel (when you click the see all option) causes a lag spike

7:Continuing with the resources panel, the category panels that you close isn't being saved as closed so all panels are open when the game is loaded and require to be closed again.

8: Had a issue where the auto sweeper was unable to complete oxylite load from a oxylite collection (next to rocket) into the rocket booster (was stuck in a continuous loop unable to finish the job, had to force a duplicant to finish the job), this issue is probably from off gassing even tho the sweeper was in range of both the storage and rocket booster.

9: Relevant menu's for certain buildings aren't loading the menu (bottom left of screen) randomly and only loading the info page for the building you have selected


Steps to Reproduce

I included my save file to hopefully assist with reproducing said bugs.

1: Set to build wires behind a bunker door (if you make alot at one time, you will notice more easy the random lines not being built), duplicants will either complete the build or it will show the animation of being completed but the wire remains in the state of needing to be built requiring the wire to either be cancelled and rebuilt or game restarted (this does not gauranty the build will build will be completed as I have had to build a wire several times to complete the job with every time the steel being deleted)

2: Check achievements

3:Select something to be copied, then use the mouse (not the keybind) to copy the template.

4:Spam build something until its materials run out.

5:Build a bin, select something to fill the bin, then set teh bin to red alert

6:Click the "see all" tab in the resources menu on the right side of the screen.

7:In the resources menu, close all the categories, then reload the game.

8: Hard to say how to reproduce as I deleted the sweeper (I think the sweeper isn't able to avoid the material off gassing while its holding it between swings).

9:This is very hard to reproduce as whether the menu loads or not, the same is whether the game is paused or not.

Practice achievement #5.sav

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