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Sending clean water to pepper plants in hydro tiles will make pipes stop working.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When you accidently get clean water in the pepper plants they will stop taking polluted water even when all clean water is drained from the pipes manually. Draw from the hydro tiles just stops. Only deconstructing the hydro tiles fixes it. 

Steps to Reproduce
Mess up your piping and let clean water enter pepper plants hydro tiles.

User Feedback

Click at the farm-tile. There should be a button "empty". This will remove the stored, not usable clean water. As long as this is present, no polluted water can flow in. Yeah you can deconstruct them, but thats overkill. If you already tried that, and its not working, consider it a bug. If its working, please report back, so the devs see, the case is solved.

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