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Seeds get colder after being planted by pip

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Probably not a big deal, but it was weird.

I found some thimble reed seeds in a POI that I uprooted because they were too hot, and moved them to my nature preserve.  When my pip planted them in the ground, they suddenly became too cold to grow, which was colder than the tile where they were planted and the pip itself.  There is a caustic biome directly up from the location, so the area was a bit warmer than usual; I think the tiles around there were like 22-24ish C.

The seed started off 23.2 C, and then went down to 19.9 C and had to exchange some heat before it started growing again.

cold seed 1.jpg

cold seed 2.jpg

cold seed 3.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Uproot a seed from a warm biome; like a thimble reed Sweep seed to a sweep-only warm-ish storage compactor Have pip plant seed
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