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[SANDBOX] Zero Mass Sand/Snow/Regolith Crash

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Placing sand or snow or regolith (or presumbly any block type that falls on its own) which has a mass of zero will cause the game to crash when the tile in question actually starts to fall.

Zero-mass falling tiles won't crash if they're simply sitting still; the crash occurs when the tile of sand/snow/regolith actually starts to drop.


Presumably the game checks for the mass of the falling tile, returns zero, and bad things happen.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Enter sandbox mode or debug mode 2. Select "Sand" "Snow" or "Regolith" materials, as they will fall when in mid-air 3. Set the mass quantity to zero in the sandbox/debug paint tool 4. Draw the zero mass falling-type tile in mid-air 5. Unpause game if it was paused 6. Observe crash

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