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Same Research Finished Twice!?

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My research finished for Basic Farming technology. I built a Compost, the Compost is in full use, fully filled up, etc.

My research just finished Basic farming Technology for a second time. The popup happened, all the items had the explanation point next to them a second time, and all the dupes celebrated. Everything happened as if it had just finished being researched for the first time.

Oxygen Not Included 7_5_2021 1_59_19 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce

I don't think I can reproduce this, it's only ever happened once.

I reloaded the save and it happened again.

User Feedback

I started a new map, and this just happened again on Basic Farming research.


I'm sorry for this terrible addition. I know "Maybe" sucks you need definite and reproducible. However, I wasn't paying very close attention, got up and went to the fridge for a snack and came back... I'd already built an Electric Grill, and I noticed a bunch of exclamation points on stuff, went to clear them (my OCD to clear 'em) and found that the Electric Grill had an exclamation point on it (again).

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