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[RP] 379868 string issue

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370532 -> 379686

1. It's a very light issue.
recently added strings, which near '\n\n' has useless space before or after
it may occured that inserting the sign after completing the sentence

msgid "Duplicants can relax by lounging in <link=\"LIGHT\">Sunlight</link>.\n\n Increases Duplicants <link=\"MORALE\">Morale</link>."
msgstr ""

msgid "I sent Dr. Holland home today after I found him wandering the lab mumbling to himself. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days!\n\n I worry that everyone here is so afraid of disappointing ‘The Director’ that they are pushing themselves to the breaking point. Next chance I get, I’m going to bring this up with Jackie. \n------------------\n"

msgid "Well, that didn’t work.\n\nBringing up the need for some office bonding activities with the Director only met with her usual stubborn insistence that we “don’t have time for any fun”.\n\n This is ridiculous. Tomorrow I’m going to organize something fun for everyone and Jackie will just have to deal with it. She just needs to see the long term benefits of short term stress relief to fully understand the importance of this.\n------------------\n"

msgid "I can’t believe this! I organized a potluck lunch thinking it would be a nice break but Jackie discovered us as we were setting up and insisted that no one had time for “fooling around”. Of course, everyone was too afraid to defy ‘The Director’ and went right back to work. \n\n All the food was just thrown out. Someone had even made home-made perogies! Seeing the break room garbage full of potato salad and chicken wings made me even more depressed than before. Those perogies looked so good.\n------------------\n"

msgid "I keep finding senseless mistakes from stressed-out lab workers. It’s getting dangerous. I’m worried this colony we’re building will be plagued with these kind of problems if we don’t prioritize mental health as much as physical health. What’s the use of making all these plans for the future if we can’t build a better world?\n\n Maybe there’s some way I can sneak some prerequisite down-time activities into the Printing Pod without Jackie knowing.\n------------------\n"

msgid "My Duplicants continue to grow and learn so much and I can’t help but take pride in their accomplishments. But as their skills increase, they require more stimulus to keep their morale high. All work and no play is making an unhappy colony. \n\nI will have to provide more elaborate recreational activities for my Duplicants to amuse themselves if I want my colony to grow. Recreation time makes for a happy Duplicant, and a happy Duplicant is a productive Duplicant.\n\n"


2. One is singular, one is plural, and which one is correct?

msgid "Reduces the <style=\"KKeyword\">Temperature</style> of piped <style=\"KKeyword\">Gases</style>by <b>{0}</b>"

msgid "Reduces the <style=\"KKeyword\">Temperature</style> of piped <style=\"KKeyword\">Liquid</style> by <b>{0}</b>"


3. Missing string [Surf buff, equipped balloon]


Surf buff

equipped balloon


I wish a name for a super productive's buff.


Steps to Reproduce
test and look look look
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in RP 380770


in today update

msgid "Dancing!"

msgid "This Duplicant is getting down with their bad self"

and gaming, soaking was deleted

gaming and soaking get a new string
but dancing is not

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