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Rover came back to life with dead battery

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I had a rover module on the Forest Planet and it had been there for some time, with its battery finally expiring.  It was on there for I'd say a good 30 or so cycles, and then I got back around to working on that planet and lo and behold it started executing commands.  Is it a little like Curiosity lasting so far beyond its original mission?  Maybe.  But I don't think it's intended behavior :P

SpaceJunk Cycle 109.sav

Steps to Reproduce

I'm not entirely sure.  Try landing a rover on a forest planet, having it build/dig some stuff, and then ignoring it for 30+ cycles.  Then see if it comes back to life like it did for me?  I included the save so you can at least observe the behavior.

SpaceJunk Cycle 109.png

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