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Rockets get stuck in orbit if selected rocket platform is disabled

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I don't know if this is intended or not because it claims the rocket will land by showing how much time is remaining while it is stuck.

The reason the platform was disabled is unknown. I only noticed it was disabled after the rocket had gotten stuck.



Steps to Reproduce

Have a rocket that is in space land on a rocket platform that is Disabled.

User Feedback

Did you press "enter" after renaming the platform? If so, that will disable the platform. Doesn't really answer whether this is a bug or not, but at least it can help you understand how it got disabled. To avoid that, after renaming, just click somewhere else without pressing enter.

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Finally someone reported the problem with the rocket platform, the "buried" rocket platform is also unusable, but the lack of information prompts that it does not work correctly is very confusing.

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