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Rocketry testing update bottle emptier filter does not contain polluted water

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My bottle emptier does not have an option for polluted water. I suspect this may be because I do not currently have any polluted water (my sinks are not yet full of polluted water), but in the past I have been able to select polluted water preemptively so that it will be carted away as soon as I have my first batch (and thus try to contain polluted oxygen and debris in the latrine).

Steps to Reproduce
Construct bottle emptier before having produced any polluted water.

User Feedback

I was looking if somebody already reported it. Polluted water will be in list when you will encounter it.

But reason why this is problem is that if I construct bottle emptier when I encounter only one liquid - and I select it -> it selects all liquids. And after while when I would encounter polluted water - it will be added as selected also and it will contaminate water... 

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