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  1. On the description for morbs, it says you can capture them by wrangling. When attempting to wrangle, a brief popup says that you cannot wrangle, and the action fails. Please either enable wrangling for morbs, or change the description.
  2. My bottle emptier does not have an option for polluted water. I suspect this may be because I do not currently have any polluted water (my sinks are not yet full of polluted water), but in the past I have been able to select polluted water preemptively so that it will be carted away as soon as I have my first batch (and thus try to contain polluted oxygen and debris in the latrine).
  3. I've had the same issue several times in the stable Occupation build when digging out. Have you used debug mode at any point, especially on that tile?
  4. As a temporary fix, try adding an extra length of pipe to bypass the damaged segment. I found that worked for me.