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Rocket separation bug & need localization strings

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

1. Solid Fuel Thruster can separate a rocket


(1) rocket have no Solid Fuel Thruster
 - 11 modules are fully displayed.

(2) rocket have Solid Fuel Thruster attached to Fuel Tank
 - Only 8 of the 12 modules are displayed.

(3) rocket have Solid Fuel Thruster but no attached anything
 -12 modules are fully displayed.

(2) Perhaps there is a bug in the Solid Fuel Thruster that separates the rocket and recognizes only the Solid Fuel Thruster and the modules above.
 The below 4 modules are not recognized. Therefore, the range of the rocket's flight is not properly displayed.


2. Rot Pile note massage error


 It appears that •\n\n was used instead of \n\n•.


3. need a strings for localization


 - Space Scanner's message when chooses objects to detect
 "Sends automation signal when selected object is detected"



Thank you for reading and I hope it will be corrected soon.

Steps to Reproduce
build rocket with solid rocket thruster attached to another module

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