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Rocket Exhaust Penetrates 6+ layers of abyssalite

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When the rocket takes off or lands, the heat of the CO2 exhaust ignores the ground beneath it and penetrates through without breaking the tiles it is penetrating.  The CO2 does not penetrate, just the heat so it's possible this is intended although it seems a bit extreme.

Screenshot from rocket landing.  Same thing happened when taking off.  Save file is 0.5 cycles before the landing.

After landing, you will see Mae fall out of the rocket and then equip the atmo suit she was wearing when she left with all skills reset (but a double bonus for the atmo-suit giving a digging of 24 despite base skill of 0) so confirms bug in:


Swanky Gang.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build a rocket on an abssalite base that has atmosphere beneath it. Note temperatures during/after launch/landing.
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